The Blue Stars opener for 1970 was "This Could Be The Start Of Something Big". A more prophetic opener could not have been played for this was the year that Blue Stars made their move to become one of the powerhouses of the midwest. The 1970 corps marked by a drumline and an instructor that had an obsession with winning. The winter before the '70 season saw the drumline rehearse for 25 straight nights at the old hall on Front St. This dedication paid off as that drumline went on to win its first thirteen drum shows. This was also the year that a corps dared to put more than four snares on the field and win. That corps, you guessed it, the Blue Stars. Oh, the Cavaliers also tried, but after being beaten by the Blue Stars in every show they cut back to four.

The hornline in 1970 was equally as strong as the drumline. A mature group with a full sound, they played their repertoire like champions. The repertoire too was a strong one, which makes me wonder where a certain judge's taste really was. You know, the one who said, "You're pretty, but not exciting". After the opener, the 1970 program included "Reds, White and Blue" (remember old flag pre?), drum solo, and "Trolley Song" into concert. From concert "Maleguena", out of concert with "Latina" and closed with "Our Day Will Come".

Along with a strong drumline and hornline, the '70 Blue Stars were balanced out by an excellent M&M program and color guard. With a corps strong in all areas they expected a good season. Their expectations became a reality as the Blue Stars dominated the midwest starting from the first show of the season. The Cavaliers were the corps to beat in 1970 and the Blue Stars did just that almost the entire year.

The 1970 corps had its ups but it also had its downs. The corps left for its national tour expecting to win the U.S. Open and take at least second or third at VFW Nationals. However, it was not to be. The Blue Stars took a disappointing second place at the U.S. Open and fifth at VFW Nationals, a mere six tenths of a point out of third place.

Disappointing as the end of that season was, something very important had taken place. The Blue Stars had become a solid force in the world of drum corps. This was the start of something big and our day had come. The corps of the '70's had been born.

Author: Karl Vonderohe

1970 VFW Nationals-Miami Beach

1. Troopers
2. Boston Crusaders
3. Cavaliers
4. Blessed Sacrament
5. Blue Stars
6. Kilties
7. Madison Scouts
8. Argonne Rebels
9. 27th Lancers
10. Garfield Cadets
11. Blue Rock
12. Black Knights

1970 Music

"This Could Be the Start of Something Big"
"Reds, White, and Blue"
"Our Day Will Come"