I remember a lot of things about the summer of 1977.1 remember getting drenched at Madison during 'The Planets". I remember sitting in the back of the bus (the hottest of all possible seats) going through the desert, praying Colin Klos didn't come back to visit. I remember coming to hate a certain "Steve Smith". Exercises that made my arms wrists and fingers feel like they had just done a million pushups. But most of all, I remember that 1977 was the best year I had ever had in the Blue Stars.

True, the corps didn't really come close to winning the national title that year, and I am not really convinced the drumline ever did reach the performance level it could have, but in the years since that particular summer and now, the disappointments seem to have faded away. All that remains are the memories of good times and good friends.

My measure of a good friend was "someone who you could play a practical joke on, but would still talk to you the next day". Amongst the snare drummers, I would say we were all pretty good friends. More than one drumstick found its way out of the bus window while the bus was speeding down the highway, or to the bottom of the Mississippi in response to the former event. But hey, we were all still friends. And how many people do you know that maintain their sense of humor after having their clothes stolen out of the shower after "lights-out"-a room full of women between them and the safety of their sleeping bag? Or how about having your shorts dropped in the lunch line while your hands where helplessly clutching your lunch tray? How about a "phony" letter from a judge telling you what your many problems were while on the field?

Yes, you may conclude that there were indeed some rather childish acts and pranks, but we were done in the spirit of friendship. I am sure everyone reading this can recall at least one practical joke they played or had played on them during their time in the Blue Stars. And really, that aspect of that summer's experiences is just as important to me as the corps first performance of the summer. To this day I still value most highly the friends I had in the 1977 Blue Stars.

Author: Randy Knox

1977 DCI Finals-Denver

1. Blue Devils 
2. Phantom Regiment 
3. Santa Clara Vanguard
4. No place awarded (Bridgemen were disqualified.) 
5. 27th Lancers 
6. Madison Scouts 
7. Blue Stars 
8. Cavaliers 
9. Senica Optimists 
9. Capital Freelancers 
10. Kilts 
11. Crossmen 
12. Garfield Cadets

1977 Music

Trilogy of Jewish Music:
"Shema", "Hatikvah", "Hava Nagila"
"The Planets"
"Backwoods Sideman"
"If You Believe"