Before I marched my only year (1981) with the Stars, I did time with a different kind of corps. The previous three years of my life had been spent on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. When I returned to Minnesota in April '81 I was immediately ushered to La Crosse by two old friends, Kent Karls and Brandan Curto. Prior to my graduation from high school in '77 we had played together in the Rocori Drum Line from Cold Springs, MN.

As long as I shall live I will never forget the excitement and warm feeling I got from the Blue Stars that wonderful summer. Here I was, freshly out of the Marines, living in La Crosse, playing drums, and being a part of an organization which I had always admired and respected. We worked hard and we played even harder, to say the least it was awesome. I hope in the future to run into some of the many friends I made that summer.

Author: Tony Zumwalde

1981 DCI Finals-Montreal

1. Santa Clara Vanguard
2. Blue Devils 
3. Madison Scouts 
4. 27th Lancers 
5. Phantom Regiment 
6. Bridgemen 
7. Garfield Cadets 
8. Crossmen 
9. Spirit of Atlanta 
10. Cavaliers 
11. Freelancers 
12. Troopers 
. . .
16. Blue Stars

1981 Music

"Mathis de Maler"
"Country Road"
"Charter Jazz Suite"
"April in Paris"