In 1988 I had the chance to march and age out with the Stars! What a great year. The Kiles,Voghts(gretchen and Peter) Puker/Radar, Sev, Morkin, and the drum line.

It was the summer of 88 and it was the drought summer. Wherever we traveled it got hotter and hotter and hotter. We also traveled on Ready's Yellow School Busses without any air conditioning!!!! Believe it or not we were the only corps that was not affected by heat exustion that summer.

Brain Whitty was our corps director and I have to admit we had a hard show (Blue Stars ritual). I truely enjoyed the cities and the competions that we went to espically the night we took 1st place in Musekgon MI or was it Florence WI?? We had beat the Minnesota Brass!! This was the tour that was taking us to Kansas for DCI.

It was a memorable summer and I wish I was 20 again. I still remember the day when I had aged out at DCI Kansas. I'm glad that I had marched the corps and was part of long Blue Line!!! My Aunt had been part of corps back in the early 60's and I'm glad that I had a chance keeping the tradition alive.

Radar "88" Melophone Line

Author: Bill Andres

1988 DCI A/60 Finals

3. Blue Stars

1988 Music

"The Score"
"Don't Rain On My Parade"
"Les Miserables"