Thank You DCI Giving Challenge Donors

A heartfelt Thank You to all of the generous people who donated in support of the Blue Stars during the DCI Giving Challenge. While the official contest has ended, you can still donate to support the Blue Stars’ mission by clicking the link below.

$10,000 or More

Kevin Hanson

$1,000 to $9,999

Runge Family
Timothy & DeLisa Kviz
Charles Cullen
John & Fran Donahue
Tim & Rosa Lundin
Brad & Suzanne Wadkins - In Honor of Brody Wadkins (tuba)
Keith & Lisa Blankenship

$500 to $999

Stacie & Bruce Furlano
Niki & Brad Furlano
Checker Bus - Proud to Moving the Group!
Mike Andrews
Nick and Anne Young
Sue Wilson
Fred Feeney
Kelly Dirig
Craig Devine

$100 to $499

Jay & Katherine Severance
John Bolstad
Donna Easter
Chase Kross
Jake Murillo
Thomas Valentine
Gfeller Family
Judy and Gary Moravitz 
Patty & Mark Wrobel - In honor of Marcus Wrobel & Jack Pantaleo
Richard and Jennifer Miller
Karl & Pam Vonderohe
Susan Varner-Withrow
Avis & Joe Furlano
Doc & Karen Nelson
Losch Family
Amy Pantaleo - In Honor of Jack Pantaleo’s age-out
David Ostertag
Stacy Stueck
Joelle Varner - Keep up the great work! FCO!
Jeffrey Godtland
Jon Carr
Muskett Family
Dave & Ruth Melby - In Honor of Daniel Melby
Sue Pochop
Dillon Bille
Shadday Family
Jami Zinkham - In Honor of the Blue Stars!
Lana Linville
Paul Wagner
Erik Paulson
Brent L Appleyard
Shannon Pierce
Thomas Leith
Ben & Andrew Grabowska
Tanya Knickerbocker
Vicki L Engevold
Steve Stueck
Pamela Moore - In Honor of Eddie Moore IV 2012-2015 Euphonium!!! Go Blue Stars FCO!!!
Ken Teeters

Up to $99

Virginia Abbott
Aaron Bartz
Justin D
Ken & Judy Teeters
Denise Pagonis
Marcus Spiegel - In Honor of Aaron Spiegel
Christina Knudsen
Lauren Bond
Candice Galen
Skyler & Taylor Winkler
Matthew Harper
Karen Miller
Robert & Jaclyn Kistler
Wayne Poenitske - In Recognition of Anthony Losch (grandson)
Kristine Kelleher
Caroline Baty-Barr - In Recognition of Owen Baty-Barr & the Blue Stars
Terry & Carol Thirion
Rick & Judy Young
Lisa Ochs
Katelyn Rusert
Amanda Gimbel
Dawn Christianson
Joy Gehm - In recognition of Jared Gehm
Gary & Sheila Muldoon
Denise Pagonis
Caryn Pope
Jim Revis
David Wilson - In recognition of Brandon Wilson - Baritone
Robert & Susan Bietsch - In Honor of Tom Bietsch and the horn line!
Paul Stage
Kim Davis
Harada Sumio
Lisa Ekstrom
Mary Sinnott - In honor of Michael Sinnott
KImberly Rowley
Michael Post
Judy Glewwe
Christy Scott - In Honor of Zach Scott
Paul Gentine
Jacob Runge
Lee Pallansch
Clem Sop 1977
The Edwards
Mark Jordan
David Billodeau
Alana Ledbetter
John & Janet Gacioch - In honor of Baritone Jonathan
Emily Schoff
David Stoleson
Melissa Robison
Jim Schultz, John Brown and Pierre Beelendorf
Adrienne Monson
Dan Brindzik
Skyler and Taylor Winkler
John Beseler
Bryan, Jade and Eden Butler
Rocking Bensch Ranch
Jared Berwick 
Tsubura Hanson - In Honor of Skye Hansen
Theresa Koss - In Honor of Ashley Koss, A Bluewater Brass Competition Volunteer
Amy Vetsch - So proud of Sarah Vetsch! 
Robert & Jaclyn Kistler
William Sucha
The Kulwik Family - Blue Stars Alum
Michael Post
Drew Miller
Joe & Mary Kay Braccio Prinster - In Recognition of Chris Prinster
Robert & Beth Roloff
Christina Knudsen 
LuAnn Bright - In Honor of Bronwyn Zieba’s 20th Birthday
Billy Blue
Sharon Bryant
Lisa Butcher
Victoria Dowling - In Honor of Daniel Dowling and the Snareline
Kathryn Wantoch
Christine Knapp