Cash donations are always welcome and appreciated, but there are many ways you can support the Blue Stars simply by making small changes to the way you shop online or search everyday. These simple and easy items cost you no more than normal, but make a big difference to us! Check out the various programs and join one today.

Scrip Gift Card Fundraiser

What is Scrip Fundraising? Scrip fundraising is a no-selling program that allows you to raise money for the Blue Stars by using gift cards, or scrip, to pay for everyday purchases.

Here's how it works. You buy gift cards from the Blue Stars at face value, and we order the gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center for less than face value. The Blue Stars keep the difference, or rebate, and that's where the fundraising comes from. It's really that simple. 

When you use scrip gift cards instead of cash, checks, or credit cards at your favorite retailers, you are fundraising while you shop.  Please join us with this easy fundraising program and help us raise much needed funds simply by doing shopping you were already going to do.

You can even buy scrip cards on demand and access them electronically using your smart phone. 


EBates and iGive are similar to AmazonSmile, but for a much larger selection of retailers across the Internet. Simply sign up for an iGive or EBates account, select Blue Stars, Performing Arts for Youth as your designated charity, and start your online shopping from the appropriate site. It’s that easy!

Use AmazonSmile When You Shop on Amazon        

AmazonSmile is simply an Amazon site that supports non-profit organizations. Start your Amazon shopping at AmazonSmile, and any purchases will result in a commission being paid to the Blue Stars.  There is no cost to you!  Amazon pays us a commission for your shopping.

Turn the Amazon shopping you do every day into a gift to the Blue Stars.  Remember, you must start at AmazonSmile first.

Good Search

Want to know the absolute easiest way to support the Blue Stars? Use GoodSearch as your search engine! Each and every time you conduct a search on the Internet, you can earn money for the corps. Simply go to GoodSearch, choose Blue Stars as your cause, then every time you search from GoodSearch or use the GoodSearch toolbar, your searches will make money for the Blue Stars.

Purchase or Renew Your Magazine Subscriptions

Our online fundraising store has over 650 of the most popular magazine titles at up to 85% off newsstands prices. Purchase or renew your favorite magazine subscriptions and 40% of your purchase will go directly to the Blue Stars. 

Through this fundraiser, you can purchase regular magazines, or if you prefer, you can purchase digital magazines that can be read on your tablet, smart phone, or e-reader.  Just visit our Magazine Fundraising Page to purchase or renew your subscriptions.