The Blue Stars are proud to honor the people who have contributed and sacrificed tirelessly to make the organization what it is today – and who shape what it can and will be in the future – with induction into the Blue Stars Hall of Fame. These honorees include our founders, administrators, instructors, members, volunteers, and supporters, all of whom believed in the power of the Blue Stars and sacrificed to fulfill our mission. Finis Coronat Opus - The End Crowns the Work

Class of 2011:
Frank Van Voorhis
David Dummer
Dr. David Kampshroer
James Schultz
Denise Pagonis
Brian Whitty

Class of 2012:
Joe and Avis Furlano
Jay Severance
Terry Thirion
Rick Young

Class of 2013:
Erwin Albrecht
Moe Latour
Richard "Doc" Nelson
Steve Stueck

Class of 2014:
Dawn Christianson
Charlie Cullen
Brad Furlano
Colin Klos

Class of 2015:
Marge Kile
Timothy Kviz
Judy Young

Class of 2016:

Billy Happel
Bob & Deb Smith

Class of 2017:
Michael Shapiro
Gary V. Tollers

Class of 2018:
Tom King
Tom Volk

Class of 2019:
Bruce Furlano
Kevin Hanson
Greg Struve

Questions regarding the Blue Stars Hall of Fame or the nomination process should be addressed to Brian Whitty at the contact sources below.

Brian Whitty
4615 Camden Rd.
Madison, WI 53716
Phone: 608.225.4931