Sponsor A Meal – Provide the Fuel to Help Achieve Our Goals!


Rehearsing and performing as part of a World Class drum & bugle corps takes a tremendous amount of energy built on a strong nutritional food program. We think we have one of the best in the activity, but it takes a large amount of money to make it happen. Our food crew will serve almost 80,000 individual meals this season at a cost of more than $100,000.

You can directly help to offset some of the cost and provide our members with the best possible drum corps experience with the Blue Stars. When you donate to sponsor breakfast, lunch, dinner, or 4th meal, you will provide the Blue Stars with the healthy and nutritious fuel necessary to achieve their goals! You can sponsor an entire day of meals, or sponsor multiple meals spread out over the season.

Past supporters have sponsored meals:

  • On a member’s birthday, half birthday, or other special day

  • On days when the corps is in or near their hometown

  • On regional or other “big show” days

  • On days that are open to make sure the members know someone is out there thinking of them

When you sponsor a meal you will be recognized with your name or message on the Sponsor A Meal board with members of the corps (specify if it should be a specific special member) and proudly broadcast on our social media channels.

Create a team and work to sponsor an entire day with other family members, friends, or alumni from your era.

If you’re not able to sponsor an entire meal, any donation amount helps!