Thank You New Kitchen Trailer Donors

A heartfelt Thank You to all of the generous people who donated in support of the Blue Stars new kitchen trailer project. The project is vitally important for the corps' future and your donations will make it possible.

$100,000 or More

Anonymous Angel

$50,000 to $99,999

Your Name Here!

$10,000 to $49,999

Bill & Dolores Bartley
Tom Volk
Paul Fahey
John Bolstad
More than 200 Giving Tuesday donors via Facebook Giving Tuesday Challenge!

$1,000 to $9,999

John & Fran Donahue
Brad & Niki Furlano
Miranda Soucie
Sue Wilson
Scott Hefle
Jennifer Wagner
Dawn Christianson - In Honor of Deandra, Danny, and my Parents
Sue & Heather Tollers
Timothy & DeLisa Kviz
Mike Andrews - In honor of Gary Tollers
Warren Family Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Craig Devine
Russell & Vera Smith Foundation
Gordon & Pat Warren

$500 to $999

Jeanne Beyer - In Memory of Dick Beyer
On behalf of Jacob Runge who loves the Blue Stars
Doc and Karen Nelson
Steve and Karen Severance
Nick & Anne Young

$90 to $499

Megan Duenser
Jim Grabowska
Brandon Jackett
William West
Steve Stueck - In Memory of Ona (Happel) Hammond and Dick Beyer

Cynthia Beyer-Statz - In Memory of Dick Beyer

The Scott Family
Todd, Lisa, Dalton, and Alex Hare
Andrew & Ben Grabowska
Jodi & Brian King
Barb Hauck
In Honor of Sue Wilson
Eric Morken
Brent Appleyard
Friend of the Blue Stars
Ben & Andrew Grabowska
In Honor of Barb Polarinakis
Hannah Scolare & Family
Taylor Smith
Karen & Bill Nay
Former Corps Parent
John & Janet Gacioch
Marti Dahlen Biegler
Mike & Laura Meyer
Karen Fries
Jay & Esther Kamp
Mary Brinkman
Michael & Julie Wuensch
Paul, Denise, and Jeffery Derouin
The Fine Family
John Evarts
Kelli Kampschroer Antoine
Rachael Larson
Dave Blanchard 
Jesse Talbot
Nate Hicks
Brian West
Aaron Meyer
John Wadas
Avis & Joe Furlano
Steve Stueck
Denise Felton-Pagonis
Mike Hicks
Robert Vilag
Scott and Mona Miller
Kathy LeMahieu Roeder
Lisa & Edward Ekstrom
Pre Priyadarshane
Rose Stone
Geoffrey & Meggen Sensel
Jason Schmidt
Scott "Coach" Hirsch (Percussion Staff 2002, 2003)

Vicki Engevold - In Memory of my Mom, Ona (Happel) Hammond

Kevin Ramsey
The Pallansch Family
Daniel Dorrance
Ethan + Sarah for Jenny's Xmas
Rebekah Hammock
Mike, Julie, Katlin and Adam Ratliff
Dave and Claudine Gervasio
Steve Bruring
Lisa Ochs
Jack Andrews - Mike's Brother
Jim Hagen
The Koraks
Thank you, Blue Stars, for a lifetime of memories from Mark Werlein, snare '71/'72

Shari Marsh - In memory of my cousin, Chris Kottmer Blue Stars color guard

Wietstock Family
Jay & Kitty Severance
Brad & Nancy Bartz
David & Esther Frost
Billy & Kathy Happel - In memory of Ona (Happel) Hammond

Billy Blue Stars' Grandchildren - In memory of Great Gramma Ona

Richard $ Jennifer Miller
Ken Teeters
Rick and Bette Kirby
Daniel Madsen
Sally Davis
Deandra Christianson
Diann & Colin Klos
Scott Bradford
Brandon & Martha Furlano
Erik Paulson
Penny Dollens-Smith
Joan Tabor
Sean Kohler
Michael Wateski - Happiest of Birthday wishes to our own "Star!"

Holly Fisher - In Memory of Sally McCann
John Wahlen
Emily Phillips' Family
Karen Byers - In Memory of Barb Polarinakis (Food Truck Volunteer and Mother of Alum)

Dillon Bille
Kirk & Roberta Breen
Susan Varner-Withrow
Gail & Ryan Sneed
David & Ruth Melby
Kimberly & Matthew Rowley
Ryan & Candice Ostreng
Robert & Jaclyn Kistler
Jacob Runge - Euph 2017
John Beseler
From Paige and her Dad the Prop Builder
Michael & Beth Firkins
JP Ulrich
Joy & Jeff Gehm
Karla & Alan Conrad
Daniel & Brigid Heath
Kevin Guth
Bucholtz Family
Paul Wagner
Gramma Vicky & Grampa Herb In Loving Recognition of Jaden Miller Snare 2018

Dani Sexton
Francis Gorman
Skyler and Taylor Winkler
Melissa Tabor - For Sue's Crew!
Stephanie Wilson - In recognition of Brandon Wilson - Baritone

Caleb Doerr
Cory Jones
The Wilkinson Family
Sarah Miller
Mark Rech
State Bank Financial
Chris Goyan
Jon Carr

Up to $89

The Wilson Family
The Musketts
J. Wayne Hudson
Chris Goyan & Veronica Otalvaro
Cecelia Hempel - In Memory of Dick Beyer
Barbara Powers - In Memory of Dick Beyer
Rick & Judy Young
Go Blue Stars, Go Owen!
Susan Tollers - In Memory of Sally McCann
Frank & Joy Speciale - In Memory of Sally McCann
Brent & Keri Furlano - In Memory of Sally McCann
Christina Knutsen - In Memory of Sally McCann
Eric Morken - In Memory of Sally McCann
Peggy & Jim Fadness, Robert Snyder, & Kelley Prise - In Memory of Sally McCann
Teresa Tanke - In Memory of Sally McCann
Martha & Brandon Furlano - In Memory of Sally McCann
Steve Stueck - In Memory of Sally McCann
Jane Huxsahl - In Memory of Sally McCann
Don & Carol Peterson - In Memory of Sally McCann
Terry & Carol Thirion
Steve Stueck - In Memory of Marge Moran (Jan Moran's Mom)
Nicholas Cramer
Megan Gade
Gail Happel
Ida Novack - In honor of Zack Novack
Steve Stueck - In Memory of Kristine Whitty-Rivera
Steve Stueck - In Memory of Clyde Butterfield