The Blue Stars Return to DCI Division I Competition

This past weekend, The Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps was granted Division I status by the Drum Corps International member corps. The Blue Stars will compete as a Division I corps for the first time in 23 years during the 2006 season, including regional competitions and the DCI World Championships in Madison, WI. The surroundings will be new, but it feels like home.

The next chapter in the Blue Stars' story will include joy and sorrow, pain and comfort, victory and defeat, answers and questions... In the end, however, the things that will guide us in the future are the same as our past: friends and family, tradition with an eye towards tomorrow, and an unwavering belief that we can accomplish anything when we work together.

The Board of Directors and Administration would like to sincerely thank everyone who helped to make this dream a reality. Thousands of members, alumni, volunteers, parents and supporters have been there for the Corps on this amazing journey. Without all of this support - both large and small - we would not be at this exciting juncture.

Celebrate tonight. Tomorrow the work begins. Finis Coronat Opus!