2020 Audition Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the 2020 Blue Stars! Follow the steps below to start the audition process. If you have any questions, please feel free to email director@bluestars.org.

Step 1: Fill out the Membership Interest Form. If you created an account in a past season, please log in and update anything that has changed. If you can't remember if you have filled out the form, then go ahead and fill it out again.

Step 2: RSVP for an audition camp.

Step 3: Pay for the audition and materials. All auditionees are required to pay for the audition camp and audition materials prior to camp. You can pay online or via mail. All auditionees receive a Blue Stars T-Shirt at the audition.

Step 4: Once payment is confirmed, the audition materials will be sent to you via email.

Good luck on your audition and please don't hesitate to email director@bluestars.org if you have any questions on the process

About The Audition

Don't be afraid to audition

Every year dozens of qualified members don't come to the audition because they're nervous about something, typically being 'cut.' We don't 'cut' anyone. We go to great lengths to make your audition experience rewarding, educational and worthwhile. We encourage every person interested in the corps to come to camp. Remember, talent and skills are important, but work ethic, tenacity, and communication skills are often more so. Also, there may be opportunities you haven't considered if your first choice doesn't work out.

How Does the Audition Work?

During the weekend auditionees will learn how to march and play like the Blue Stars. Brass and percussionists will learn musical and visual exercises, a few musical excerpts, and how to apply our technique program. Prospective guard members will learn equipment and dance techniques and perform a short routine. You'll experience a full weekend of top-notch instruction with some of the finest teachers in the country.

During the weekend you will be evaluated both individually and as part of the ensemble and given feedback on your skills – where they excel and where there is room for improvement. Based on those evaluations, you will be given one of Three Cs.

Contract Offered – Your skills are of an excellence level in which we feel confident of your ability to succeed in the Blue Stars. We are offering you membership.

Callback – We think you have what it takes to be a successful member of the Blue Stars, but there are one or two areas we would like to see you work on before the next camp. We want to see you again!

Consider Your Options – Your skill level is not quite to level where we think you will be successful with the Blue Stars in the upcoming season. If your goal is to be on the field for the upcoming season, we can help you find a home with another corps. You are also welcome to come back to the next Blue Stars camp for additional training and possibly to prove us wrong. Every year there are people who receive this rating at the first audition camp and through practice and determination are able to make the corps.

By the end of the weekend you'll have had an opportunity that most never have the courage to pursue; you'll experience a full weekend of drum corps. You'll know what it means to be part of a great ensemble. You'll eat and sleep with the corps, work hard, and become a better performer. You'll have an idea of what it's like to work with one of the finest drum corps in America.

Once More, Don't be Afraid to Audition

We regularly hear from people who say "I'm not good enough for drum corps," or "I'm afraid to audition." If you are at the point where you are reading this - you need to come to camp. You have very little to lose and everything to gain.

Everyone auditioning for the Blue Stars will have a great experience. You will meet some great people, you will learn great musical and guard skills, you will know more about the Blue Stars, and you will feel fabulous because you did something in pursuit of your dream. Do not stay home! Find out what this is all about. Come to camp.