Blue Stars and Vic Firth Join Forces

The Blue Stars are pleased to announce that they have entered into a 3-year agreement with Vic Firth to be the sole supplier of all percussion sticks and mallets.

For over 40 years, Vic Firth has been a leader in design, innovation and technology. They have pioneered new concepts and methods to constantly improve upon the manufacturing process, resulting in the world's best drumsticks and mallets.

Blue Stars Front Ensemble Arranger, Seth Adams says, "I am personally ecstatic that the Blue Stars are now exclusively using Vic Firth sticks and mallets. I have long been a fan of the quality and variety of Vic Firth products, as well as the value of Vic Firth's online resources and the company's dedication to quality percussion education. For the Blue Stars to be affiliated with the best stick and mallet company is an important step in our ensemble's progress."

Neil Larrivee, Vic Firth's Director of Education and Product Development, “All of us at Vic Firth are thrilled to welcome the Blue Stars to the Vic Firth team! We have all watched as the corps, now with DCI World Class status has continued to grow with excellence and impact within the marching music community. With an exciting staff of educators and designers, along with great performers and an experienced administration team--the future will likely be brighter then ever for this fine corps! We are so happy to have all of this now occur while the Blue Stars choose to perform exclusively with Vic Firth sticks and mallets. We wish you all the best!”

Eric Sabach, Corps Director, said “Vic Firth is a wonderful company with true vision from both a product and marketing standpoint. Vic Firth’s brand strategy reaches into many markets and their educational initiatives affect many students around the world that will now know more about The Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps. Quality of product and quality of sound are the two trademarks of a Vic Firth implement. That and being able to work with a like-minded person like Neil makes this relationship a no brainer! Vic and their people are the best in the industry.”

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